Slideshow Module

Tried adding Slideshow Module on 3 sites [2 diff. Hosts].

WP Gallery Pictures don’t show - either in Preview or, after Publish.

Adding the Slideshow Module to an existing Row, new Row, Full-width all gives the same result - no visible Slides.

plugin ver. 1.7.5.

here’s 1:
here’s 2:

Both examples should have a Slideshow at the top of the Page. but, nada?


's OK. I see it now. fwiw I had to delete my mvp Hosts file to get the Slideshow Images to show. Most peculiar.

And, as others here have mentioned. Blurry.

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so i guess here’s the question.

why would the BB Slideshow’s images be blocked by the [mvps] Hosts file? Both on BlowDaddy and DigitalOcean?

I’ve checked on those mysterious yui, yui3 and yui_3 entries that the slideshow makes but it’s not those.

Row Background Images are just fine.

Anyone having problems with Slideshow Images and an mvps Hosts file?

Weird. weird, weird…


The BB Slideshow creates yui/yahooapi calls that are not only redirected in the mvps hosts file but also blocked by uBlock Origin.

Leaving aside the obvious questions posed by the above the answer for me was to turn off uBlock Origin on my own site and also to comment out the: - in my Hosts file.

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Hey Northumbrian,

Glad you figured it out, and thanks for sharing what the cause was. We really appreciate it! Have fun! :slight_smile: