Slideshow photo size

What is the optimal size for photos in a slideshow? Or does it matter, I just figured that certain sizes might translate better when its resized and your viewing the website on a phone, Thanks in advance!

Hey Thomas,

That would totally depend on how you’re using the slider. Are you using it full width? Full height? And how it translates to mobile totally depends on that as well. However, you can set any module/column/row to display at certain devices only, e.g., you can set a slider to display on medium and large devices only and use large images there and create another slider that uses small images for mobile devices. This setting can be changed under Advanced > Responsive Layout.

Hope this helps!


Hi Ben, It would probably be full width on a pc but not sure how it would look on a phone, I can always edit so it doesnt show on a phone anyway as I dont think it would matter as its not the same visual effect looking at it on a smaller device.

Gotcha! And no worries at all, Thomas. :slight_smile: