Slight Shift in Nav & Logo

I don’t know if this is BB issue, a Genesis issue, or a (cobaltapps) Dynamik issue, but figured I’d start here.

If you’d please go to this page
Take notice of the position of the logo and the navigation.
Now click on the FAQ page -

If you keep your eyes on the logo/nav and switch between the resources and FAQ page, you’ll see the logo and nav shift position ever so slightly.

Home, Details, Resources and contact us are all OK.
It’s just the FAQ page where the logo/nav shifts a bit.

all pages share the same full width template.
I’ve checked the BB > row settings, all are the same (not that those should adjust the nav/logo!)

I’m at a loss. Why is that shift occurring? And why is it ONLY on the FAQs page?

I don’t think it’s a BB issue - since the nav/header logo weren’t built with it.

I’m tempted to trash the FAQs page and build it again, but figured I’d ask the smart people who hang out on this forum here first…

So, any ideas?

I am completely flummoxed by this!

Thanks for any suggestions,

Hey Brad,

Just checked this out and I actually don’t see any change (nor should there be one!). :slight_smile: Are you still getting a change between the two? Could be caching involved here, but very weird indeed. Let me know!


Hi Billy -
Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Yeah; just tried again using a different computer and latest version of chrome.
Switching between those two pages causes a very slight shift with the top log and the nav.
if I watch the logo when I’m on the resources page, and then click the FAQ page, I’m seeing the top logo shift to the right by ~about~ 10 pixels or so.

When I use the measureit extension, and measure the logo from the left edge of the screen, there’s definitely a difference of about 10px.

so again, it’s subtle but it’s there.
I just can’t figure out why it’s there!
So perplexing!

Now I’m more curious than anything! I just tested in different browsers and still can’t seem to see any change even with a zoom. Sorry about that, I wish there was some way I could troubleshoot this for you!

heh :wink:
here’s a screenshot of the FAQ page, using measureit to measure the distance from the corner of the left-window to the logo:

and here’s a screenshot of the resource page, again using measureit:

Doubt that’ll really help you see the problem, but hope it helps prove I’m not entirely nuts.
(Also, fwiw, client noticed the logo shift too)

So bizarre that you aren’t seeing it! But that “shift” is exactly what I’m seeing on 2 different computers, using 2 different browsers (chrome/ff).

I just don’t understand it. It makes no sense to me. The logo and nav are set via genesis and dynamik with a little bit of WP tossed in - not by BB.

Maybe I should just trash the FAQ page and start over from scratch?
Like I said, I highly doubt it’s BB that’s tossing that page for a loop - gotta be something else.


Very strange indeed, but I don’t think trashing the page will help as the header and footer are independent of the content area. I suppose you could try it, but I think there is just some deep rooted caching going on here to be honest.


OK - just to make matters even more strange… my wife doesn’t see that shift in her laptop.
She and I both have the same type of IBM/thinkpad laptops both with the same resolution.
When she pulls up the site - no shift.
her computer at work - sees the shift.
my computer at work - sees the shift.
my computer at home - sees the shift.
Billy’s computer - no shift.

I don’t know what else to say… it’s the strangest thing I’ve seen all year…
So odd.
Be curious to know if anyone else out there in forum land sees the shift I’m referring to.

Thanks for your time on a fools errand, Billy.
I really appreciate you taking a look.
I’m just going to leave the site as-is, and hopefully the client won’t complain or notice :wink:
Don’t know what else to try… maybe it is a caching issue and will eventually go away.

Anyway, please feel free to close this ticket.
And again - appreciate the assistance!



I’ve seen this before. Depending on the height of your screen, you probably are showing the browser scroll bar on one page and not the other.

All browser scroll bars exhibit this behavior due to the way your computer’s OS handles windowing with/without a scroll bar. It bugs me also.

The easy solution is the write more content on all your pages so there is always a scroll bar :slight_smile:


I remember being stumped by this years ago.
Pretty sure it is just the age old scroll bar effect as Doug pointed out.
There are an infinite number of web page sizes of course, but Doug’s solution is worth implementing.
But you can try and see if this works - not sure if it works across all browsers…

html {
overflow-y: scroll;

Hey Brad,

I also checked the site from my end and I can see the shift which is caused by the scrollbar. The FAQs page doesn’t have enough content for the scrollbar to appear while all others have more than enough. If you open the 2nd question from the accordion on the FAQs page, it will then have enough content for the scrollbar to appear and you’ll notice the shift is gone.

Hope this makes sense.



Hey Guys -
Thanks for the replies.
Boy do I feel like an idiot. Can’t see the forest for the trees.
I was soooo caught up with that logo moving, that I didn’t even notice the scroll bars.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for pointing out the obvious, and thanks to Dave for the solution.
The FAQ page will eventually have more content, so all the pages will soon have a scroll bar.

Time to go wipe this egg off my face :slight_smile:


Hey Brad, don’t sweat it!
If I am completely honest, I recall the first time this happened to me, I made a note of it.
But a year or two later, the same thing happened on another site I was working on, and I had completely forgot about it -so what did I do? Post the same question on the same forum - boy did I feel dumb :slight_smile:
Cheers, Dave