Small translation issue

Hi folks.

I’m using WP Courseware on my site to organise a video course. Each of those videos/units is presented as a custom post. The website’s blog is in a subfolder at

I am in the process of translating the entire site into Spanish. I followed the BB theme readme instructions, translated a bunch of text strings with Poedit, and uploaded. For some reason, all of the custom posts have translated as intended, but the entire blog subfolder remains untouched. For example: in the author meta data on the custom posts, I’ll have ‘Por author’ instead of ‘By author’; but on the posts on the blog it will still be ‘By author’.

I’m sure I’m missing something REALLY simple here. But I’d appreciate any pointers! My brain is kinda scrambled after days of translating :slight_smile:

lol… my translation for the spanish language file is on the way.

you should be able to edit your es_ES.po file and search the “By %s” string. This is the path: wp-content\themes\bb-theme\languages

change it to “Por %s”, thats all you need (remove the double quotes).

i’ll finish the translation files asap :slight_smile:


Hey flamerz!

Many thanks for the reply!

I had already changed that particular string though. As I say, it comes up okay on custom posts (‘Por author’), but it is still ‘By author’ on my blog posts. The same goes for any translation attempts on the blog page.

The kind of niggling issue that can drive a man to an early cerveza! :wink:

Hi Matt,

Sorry to hear about this problem of yours. Would it be possible for you to grant us temporary admin access to the site as well as FTP so we may check further? You can do so via a private reply.


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Hey Ben,

I hate to bump, but it’s been a week and a half since I posted the requested login credentials. I was just wondering if you’ve had the chance to take a look. If it has you stumped, let me know and I’ll try noodling around some more. :slight_smile:


Hey Matt,

Sorry I must have missed the email regarding your reply. I’m checking this now.


Hello Matt,

I’m not really a translation expert so I may be wrong but here goes. I can see through FTP that you have es_MX.po which I believe is for the Spanish(Mexico) translation. It is working fine as you get the “Por” on single blog pages. However, on your blog page, those things are being generated by the plugin, specifically the Posts module, not the theme. I checked the languages folder on your site and it doesn’t have es_MX.po so I would suggest doing a translation for the plugin as well.

Hope this makes sense.


Hi Ben,

Thanks so much for the help! I’ve been tinkering around with it and it is making a difference. Not perfect yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to take it from here. :slight_smile:

Thanks again,


Glad to have helped, Matt! I’ll be marking this as resolved then. If you need anything further, please let us know! Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile: