SmugMug Photo Galleries - Displaying more than 100 photos

I’ve noticed that in displaying galleries from SmugMug, only the first 100 photos are displayed in the Thumbnail and Collage layouts. Is there a way to remove this restriction?

I’m using the Sell Photos theme with Beaver Builder plugin.

Hello Jürgen,

I have the same problem from my end so I sent an email to SmugMug support. It seems they have implemented this limit as part of an industry standard. You can, however, add some ideas to their uservoice here and they might consider it.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Ben. Yes, I’ve since seen posts on SmugMug support site relating to the 100 photos limit. I’ve added to there uservoice as you suggested. At some time in the past, you could add &ImageCount=x to the rss url to increase the number of images returned, as well as adding &PageCount=y, to return “y” images per page until “x” images. It seems this no longer works.

Perhaps you can vote up the idea at the UserVoice entry?

No problem, Jürgen! And I just voted for your idea on their UserVoice. I’ll be marking this as resolved now then.


I too have this issue. My client isn’t happy the SmugMug feed is limited to 100 photos. I will post to their uservoice as well, but documenting here in hopes to BB can work with SmugMug to somehow remove this limitation.

Ha! I just figured it out with a little research. It seems you CAN get more than 100 images to display. I added the following to the end of the RSS link. The gallery I am testing with has 145 images, and all displayed using these variables at the end. The kicker is to use the Paging=0 it seems. Wouldn’t work without it.


Here is my whole RSS URL:

And the page they are on:

NOTE: I have tested the max images I can do, but will be in the near future.

Hey Joey,

Awesome you found that out! And thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: