Social Buttons Widget not working

When I click to add it to a page, it only shows text and only shows Twitter even though I’ve chosen to display all three

I’m wondering if there are issues with Dynamik and BB because I am also not able to apply the CSS selectors for Text module is also not working.

Is that possible?

I’ll post access privately if you would like…

Thank you.

No issues with Dynamik and BB :slight_smile: I use this combo exclusively and have had no issues.

I just tried adding the social buttons to a couple pages on a test site with the latest BB, DWB and Genesis. All three show up as icons.

Could be another plugin conflicting. To troubleshoot, try deactivating all plugins except BB and check it then. If it works, then add the other plugins back one-by-one, checking after each, to determine which one may have caused the conflict.

Regarding the CSS selectors ‘not working’ with DWB, mine always do :slight_smile:

As you mentioned in the other post, you correctly did not add the period to the class name in the BB text module. e.g. home-top

So in DWB > Custom > CSS, you DO add the period:

.home-top {
color: #FFFFFF;

Note: you may have to add !important to override the DWB settings:

.home-top {
color: #FFFFFF !important;

Always remember to Save Changes and then refresh the browser when viewing the front end of the site :slight_smile:

Thanks Lyle!

Yael - if you are still having issues with the social buttons widget, please go ahead and start the plugin deactivation process as Lyle mentions and let us know what you find.