Solved A Problem: Color Picker Not Displaying Anywhere. BB Pro, BB Theme

Hi all, I thought I’d share something that I solved yesterday as it may help somebody else at some point.

I have a few sites for my own business that I look after myself - I’m not a pro designer/webmaster.

For a few months the colour picker has not been working properly on my main site. I would click the button to choose a colour, and it would not appear. Didn’t matter what module I was using - same problem everywhere I tried.

Finally yesterday I took the time to diagnose it.

So - my site is an old one with lots of plugins. I switched to beaver builder and then the beaver theme quite a few years ago.

So I figured it could be a plugin clash and spent an hour or two disabling and testing them. A plugin called fitvids was the problem. Once disabled, the colour picker came back.

The plugin provides the fitvids.js service, which is used to set the size of videos from places like vimeo and youtube. Beaver Builder also provides the service and I guess I was lucky it hasn’t caused problems before. Disabling it does not appear to have changed anything else on the site, so it’s gone now.

Hope this helps somebody.