(Solved) How do I insert a Read More...?

How do I add a “Read More…” tag to a Text Editor module?

I’ve seen various people say they got it to work

I’ve seen someone from the BB team say it is not supported (and will not be)

I need it

How do I insert a

Failing that – how to I stop the text gathering at the point I would have put the “Read More…” ?

How to?

Insert this (without the backslashes, if you can see them…)


Then turn on the option for BB to add a “Read More…”

I wonder when will this get into the BB FAQ?

Considering the number of questions… I found it on a programmer’s website for WordPress…

Hi - this doesn’t seem to work?
Is there actually a way to do this in the BB text editor as every other post I can find says it breaks BB and you’re stuck with a link?

Apologies, but I’m not in WP since that project - I know it was a PITA

I might have had to enter it in HTML mode – did you try that?

Yes - I think the consensus from BB is that it can’t work.
Thanks for the reply though