Sorting of Rows

Hi there,

Hopefully someone here has an idea of how to accomplish a feature I am trying to add to my website. We are essentially trying to create a sortable, paginated, customized, manually inputed real estate feed. The easiest way to do this on our end is if we could somehow sort rows by hidden variables such as “price”, etc. I realize this will probably require more programming than we expect and we should probably hire a web developer, this is a path I’m prepared to go down but I’d prefer to do it in house if possible. Here is a screenshot of our proposed layout, each new property added will be a duplicate of this row with information changed.

Some paths I’ve gone down so far:

Creating individual listings as tables in TablePress, unfortunately this requires a lot of formatting and I could not figure out a way to sort multiple tables on the same page

Using a SlideAnything type slider, this allows pagination but no sorting and I am not able to get the formatting as detailed as we’d like

Using a realestate plugin, this may work given a lot of backend customization work of the plugin, but getting the formatting and filters correct on the plugins I tried was not possible.

Any help or suggestions on where to go with this would be amazing, thank you!

At first glance, it seems it requires to use a Custom Post Type and an archive page to display the Posts in a grid (the WordPress regular way).
This way you’ll be able to sort the posts the way you need.