Spacing Issue in Nav Menu

When my website is viewed in certain sizes, the nav items become two lines and the responsive design goes awry. This is specifically happening when browser windows are between 1224-1277px.

How can I fix this? I have tried adjusting the padding of the Nav items but that does not seem to do anything. I have also tried putting different CSS that I have found on Google into the “Additional CSS,” but that does not change anything either.

Here is a screenshot for reference:

Hi Isabella!

This happens because you have limited horizontal space in your menu. As the browser gets narrow, it has to shift to accommodate everything.

I suggest reducing the horizontal padding of your Get A Quote button to 10px on each side. You can also save some space by changing to Resources/Events, and reducing the letter-spacing of your menu text. In your Menu module, go to the Style tab and go to Link Typography, > Font > Style & Spacing > and type -.5 in the Spacing box.

Hope this helps!

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