Specific Hook for Accessibility Skip to Content link

Hello! First off, I very much appreciate the work your team has done to make BB Theme more accessible to persons with disabilities. Prior to 1.7.4, I was manually adding in several accessibility features on my own using php templates and added functions. A couple of these custom pieces I would like to keep especially my Skip to Content link. I am, however, unable to find how to defeat the theme’s built-in skip link. I am using a child theme with my own header.php (a copy of the parent with my additional code) along with a BB Themer Header and Footer and it appears to be hooked in by the fl_body_open hook but without the syntax, I’m stuck. Thanks!!

add_action( 'after_setup_theme', function(){
  remove_action( 'fl_body_open', 'FLTheme::skip_to_link' );

Thanks Simon. I really appreciate it.

FYI Developers - Please don’t defeat this accessibility feature using this hook unless you have a replacement for it. This is a fundamental tool for screen reader and keyboard only users. :ok_hand:

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