Spinner add to cart, speed


I used the themer to adapt or overwrite my products and design in Woocommerce.

Due to the changed appearance (and semi-optimal hosting), longer loading is necessary. On the sites that I can cach, this isn’t a problem with WPRocket, but sites like cart or checkout cannot be cashed and it sometimes takes 4-5 seconds for the product to arrive in the cart

Unfortunately, the spinner on the add to cart button is now gone. The page takes too long to load when you add it to the shopping cart and without a spinner that’s very unfortunate…

Why is the spinner gone and how do I get a new one? Can anybody help me further?
Does anyone have any tips for speed?

Pages, images and plugins are optimized…

Your “spinner” is not part of Beaver Builder or Themer, thats part of Woocommerce. As for the slow adding to cart, that’ll be down to the fact you are on budgety hosting probably sharing it with 1000s of other sites. Never use budget hosting for ecommerce.