Standard WordPress Embeds don't work in text editor

When inserting a number of different URL’s into the default Page/Post Visual Editor, WordPress will embed the content directly on your site.

These default embeds don’t work though when adding them to a Text Editor field using BeaverBuilder. I’ve tried Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and others. They don’t work when simply adding the url to a new line or when using the embed shortcode.

WordPress 4.2.1
BeaverBuilder 1.5.6
BeaverBuilder Theme 1.2.9
No other plugins activated

Also, after inserting the html embed code from VideoPress, if you try to edit the Text Editor content, BB removes your video url from the embed src (which obviously removes your embedded video).

Hello Anthony,

Thank you for getting in touch! You can actually use the Video Module to embed videos from those sites. Or you can also upload a video to your Gallery and use the same module embed it to your page. More of that here.

Hope this helps!


Hi Ben,

Well that’s one solution at least. Good to know the video module will embed difference services. Thanks.

Disappointed your Text/Visual Editor doesn’t support them though. That means you have to break your content up across multiple modules if you want to simply embed a tweet or photo from Instagram, for example.

Any reason why your text editor doesn’t support these native embeds? And is that something that you’re likely to fix?


Hey Anthony! Thanks for reaching out on this. I didn’t when I was tweeting realize you already left a support post. :slight_smile:

We did try to support oEmbed in the text editor module, but we ran into some technical roadblocks. You should still be able to use the HTML embed codes, though. Do you think those will work? How does WordPress handle oEmbeds differently than HTML?

Hi Robby,

No probs. That was probably my fault anyway, for doubling up on messages. After I did my initial tweet I thought it was probably best to put it in your support forum.

By HTML embed codes I presume that you mean the html share code that most sites offer. Yep, they do seem to work, which is good, but they can be messy to work with. The share code for Instagram for example, is just ridiculous with how much code there is.

Using oEmbeds in Wordpress, the end result is the same when viewing the source on the published html page. It’s obviously just a lot tidier to work with in the back end when you just have to enter a single URL rather than switching to the text/html tab and then pasting the huge embed code from the service. That obviously makes it a lot easier for less technical clients to deal with as well. At least the BB video module allows you to use the simpler embed, which is good. I just thought I’d see if there was a reason why the oEmbed didn’t work in the other modules as well. If there was some technical issues with implementation, then that’s understandable.

Thanks for getting back to me (I wont bother replying to your tweets) and well done with the plugin so far. It works really well. I just bought it the other day to use for a project this week that has a short time-frame. It’s saved a heap of time and I like how flexible it is, so thanks for that.


No worries at all! Yeah, the HTML share code is going to be your best bet for now. We’ll definitely keep this in mind for a future update. Also, if you want, feel free to add this to our User Voice page:

If it’s a popular feature, we’ll be much more likely to work on it. Thanks for the kind words too! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other comments/questions. :slight_smile:


Thanks Robby

Hey guys,

I’ll go over and vote up embeds in the text editor.

Before using BB, I had a page with a small youtube video embedded in a bullet list. Well, that doesn’t work anymore.

I can’t use a video module because I’d have to break into the middle of the bullet list, stick in the video module next to a text module, then resume the bullet list. I have a lot of formatting like this, so it’s too arduous to format this way. Besides, even zero margins won’t close up the lines in the bullet list. The HTML module would have the same problem.

I thought of reverting the page to the WP editor, but it’s a very long page with extensive (and very nice) BB formatting already.

So, now I’m left with not using the youtube clip at all.

I understand you have technical issues with embedding, but I hope you can find a solution.


See this post for a ‘fix’ :slight_smile: