Step by step directions to build a page.

I am totally lost and need help, Please.

I want to create a page with 3 columns of 333.3 pixels width, 500 pixels height, light brown background. 1st column to have a pix that is a link then text and then another pix with link.
Center column is same as 1st except all text. third or fight hand column has a map that is a link also. All 3 columns to be same size.
If possible, please emailm exact steps for me to do this and I expect I will then be able to do the entire site from these directions. Thank you for your consideration. You can visualize the end result of what I want to do as a photo album, three columns wide with a solid line framing the pictures
H. Carter

Hey Harold,

Good to see you in the forums and welcome! Ok, so firstly, you’ll need to pull out a 3 column row layout. From there, you can pull out the necessary modules to accomplish what you need.

Column 1 - photo module and text module
Column 2 - text module
Column 3 - map module and text module

After that, you can then click on the little book icon for each column which will get you to the column settings to where you can change the background of each, play around with the margins/padding, etc. That should get you going in the right direction, but let us know if you need further assistance!