Still (!!) can't install BB zip

Well, I’m back: a while back I was having trouble installing the BB zip theme. I just returned to this issue (two weeks of tech hell trying to change hosting and move domains) and find that I still can’t. I went to my account and tried installing the one there and it says “install failed, missing style sheets”. So then Justin sent me another one and I just now tried that one and got the same response. What the heck is going on, what am I doing wrong? To the letter I’m following the directions sequence for the upload …

Too bad there’s no phone support.


just an observation and a question.

You’re posting this under the BB Plugin forum yet your asking about installing the BB theme.

Could it be that you’re trying to install the theme as a plug-in? Or perhaps trying to install the plug-in as a theme?

Oh, duh! Thanks for that! Ok, I installed the plug in. Now I’m looking to install the theme but I go to my account page and there’s no theme file to install. What do I do now? And this theme file, what will it be called? I want to be sure I can readily identify it.

Also, I’m wondering how one creates a navigation bar in BB?

did you purchase the theme as well as the plug-in? (the theme is included in Pro and Agency versions)

WordPress actually creates the navigation. The theme controls where it appears.

Ah, I just noticed that since I only have the standard version that the theme doesn’t apply to my situation. Thanks for pointing that out.

As regards the navigation, do I create the navigation using the customizer or what? Again, sorry to ask these basic questions. Totally green noob here.

Also, when I signed on I received an email that had the plugin plus two other things: the “Custom Module Examples” link and the link to the documentation for it. When I tried the open them both I got an invalid link and it said to go the homepage which only then leads to the ad for BB. What’s up with that? Also, what do I do, where/how do I upload etc the Modules once I get a workable link for it?

Hey Rod,

Thanks for jumping in! :slight_smile:


The navigation is controlled by the theme you’re using but usually, you can create one under Appearance > Menus.

The Custom Module is for advanced development, i.e., building your own module. You don’t really need those files to get BB running. For now, you should be able to start using BB! :slight_smile: