Storing contact form messages in a database

Is there a recommended database plugin that works with the BB contact form that stores messages sent to us via our website?
Contact Form 7 has a plugin called Flamingo that seems to do the trick - is there something similar for BB?

(I have about 40 different contact forms to various people on our site - it would be good to be able to track if messages are not being picked up or being lost in the ether somewhere)

Any plugin that logs WP emails will work. The contact form uses the WP wp_mail() function to send its emails.

Thanks pross.
I’ve tried using the Flamingo plugin but it doesn’t recognise/store any messages that are sent through the BB contact forms.
I can’t find any ways to change the Flamingo settings either, it’s a pretty basic plugin.
Are there other plugins you could recommend instead?
My searches come up blank.

Flamingo logs messages for CF7 only.

Thanks very much Pross - it helps using better search terms.
I’ve tried WP Mail Logging by MailPoet and it works great.

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