Strange behavior, BB editor loads, but can't use

This is really strange and none of the usual debugging tricks are working.

On one specific domain using BB plugin and a Genesis child theme, when editing a page with BB, the BB editor loads (the frame around the page), but nothing is usable. As if a js error is preventing any buttons from working, but there’s no js error in the console.

I know this should be a conflict, typically with another plugin, but I’ve removed all plugins, swapped out themes, I’ve even moved the site to another domain (but on the exact same server) and gotten it working, only for it to stop again when moving it back.

Also, however, I noticed that if I re-install an older version of the plugin, it will work again up until it is updated to the latest (1.7.5).

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Hey Michael,

We did have someone having the exact same problem before. He had a JS code under Tools > Layout Settings > JS which caused an error causing the entire BB to break. The layout settings was just added recently and is the reason why it works on older version. Do you think the same thing is happening to your site? Can you share the URL of the site along with temp admin access so we can check?


Hey Ben,

Thanks! It’s always good to know I’m not the only one, but I am confused about the path to the js you referenced… is that “Tools” tab in WP admin? If so, I don’t have Layout Settings. I’m not seeing the path in Customizer either, but I do know how to find the field for adding js in Customizer and it’s empty.

I’ll send login details next.

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Hi Michael,

I’ve reviewed your page source and I noticed you have RocketScript from CloudFlare active. There is an issue with their Rocket script when BB is enabled. To resolve your issue we recommend you disable this whilst using BB.

Can you try this and see if this resolves the issue.