Stuck saving from text editor

When I try add the following line with out quotes into a post using a text editor and then click save it gets stuck.

“Drop off donations at The Works any Wednesday from 6-8pm when school is in session”

I have deactivated all plugins and have tried it on several sites. I have looked at “text” to see if there is anything strange in there. I have tried cut and paste or just typing it in. I had a friend try on one of his sites with BeaverBuilder and same issue.

If I remove any one of “drop”, “from” or “6” it will save.

This is really strange.
Running wordpress 5.5.3 and 5.4.4
BeaverBuilder: 2.4.1 and
Theme: GeneratePress 3.0.2 and Twenty Sixteen

I tried on an older version of Wordpress running a stock theme.

Sounds like your server is using mod security, the word drop and from is used in mysql to drop tables .