I’m using WP’s 2011 theme in conjunction with the beaver builder plugin. When I click “add new” in the pages area, the page has an existing header, picture, and menu bar (with Home, About, etc.). Is there a way to create new pages without these elements or to delete them once the page has been created?

Alternately, if I were to migrate to the beaver builder theme, how will I maintain my over 2 years of blog post content (I blog weekly or more)? Will I lose those posts and my subscribers if I migrate to a beaver builder theme?


Hey Gayle,

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For the theme you are using, I’m not really sure if there is a way to remove that easily. You’ll probably have to deal with codes. Using the BB theme though, we have an option to remove the Header/Footer on all pages. You can also do it page by page by using the No Header/Footer template!

If it’s the same installation, the blog posts should still be there though. You’re just gonna change the theme, no data will be deleted. For the subscribers, not really sure how you’re implementing that. I’ll have the other guys chime in on this as they might have something more to add. :slight_smile:


Hey Gayle. Like Ben mentioned, as long as you’re implementing the Beaver Builder theme on your existing WordPress install, you won’t loose any data or subscribers. Are you using the Jetpack plugin to manage subscriptions?