Style sheets broken after update

Hey Andrew,

That specific page still seems to be referencing to the same cached files. Can you check with your hosting and see if there’s a server side caching setup? That is the only reason I could think of why it’s still loading the old files, if you’ve already disabled WP Rocket. In fact, it’s still calling the ditty_news_ticker jQuery even though it’s already disabled. The homepage looks good though, i.e., I couldn’t find traces of cached files on it any longer. Is that page setup separately?


It’s weird man. I’ve disabled the WP Rocket, and I’ve deleted the Ditty completely, but it still showing in my errors. It’s messed up again right now. :confused:

Hi Andrew,

I replied to your email via our Help desk and didn’t realise the log in details were in this topic.

I have just logged into your site and enabled WP Rocket cleared the settings and then disabled it. When I view your page again, you’re still getting cache errors?

I think the best course of action now is to contact your web host provider and ask them how your server is setup and for them to investigate. As you’re also having the following error:

Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html: "".

This is repeated several times on the browser console. I have never encountered this issue before, but from my quick reading about it, it does appear to be server related.


So…Bluehost kind of gave me the shaft and said ‘here’s a help article on SQL databases.’ :confused:

I did notice one thing. When I have www. in front of the URL it breaks the site. When I just have http:// it will work. Not all the time, but that seems to be part of the issue. Any ideas on fixing that?

Okay, so I did visit the non-www version of the site and both the homepage and the page above works fine. I think the issue here is that the non-www and the www version of the site are different. And since your WP and Site URLs are set to use the non-www version, we don’t have control over the www version of the site.

I’d suggest just redirect the www version of the site to the non-www version, since that is what you’ve set as the WP/Site URLs. Or you can change the URLs to use the www version, then redirect the non-www version to the www version of the site.

My answer above is based on my personal experience with this issue. I’ll ask the other guys if they’ve experienced the same and if they would like to add.

Edit: Additionally, you can ask the guys over at the BB FB Group and/or Slack Channel to see if they have some ideas.