Stylesheet style.css Child Theme not working

Hey guys,

This started happening last week, the style.css on the BB Child Theme is not working, when I update the file and change it via FTP or SSH or even in Appearance>editor it does not update. When I use Chrome devtools and navigate through source and find the style.css sheet, it doesn’t show any of my css (when it previously did). The only way I can get the custom CSS to show up on the website at all is to to Customize>Code>CSS and paste it in there.

Do you guys know why this is happening?

It’s for the website the website currently has a maintenance page up and I can private reply with a temp admin login.



Hey Kaiya,

Do you have any caching plugins installed? Can you try clearing its cache along with BB’s under Settings > Page Builder > Cache and see if that fixes it? If it doesn’t, go ahead and send temp admin access to your site so we can check. :slight_smile:


I think you’re right, I got some weird combination of caching going on between GoDaddy’s plugin, WordFence caching, and now CloudFlare caching. Also making sure the browser is not caching, thanks for the help!

Hi Kaiya,

Is your issue now resolved?



Awesome! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: