Styling issue *possibly* caused by recent update

I have a styling issue on

This site has been on BB for quite some time and this issue wasn’t there before. I completely realize that this could be a coincidence in that I updated BB but if you know of a quick fix I’d appreciate it.

If you look at the section “Are you ready to crush your market” you’ll see a divider line with a black circle that includes a triangle in it. Previously, that black circle with triangle was ‘on top of’ the section below. Now it’s underneath.

I tried playing with z-index but that didn’t fix it. I remember having this issue before and I made a couple of tweaks in BB and fixed it. Perhaps those tweaks were overriden with a recent update (or again, maybe just a coincidence and it’s caused by something else).


I was able to resolve this with position: relative and z-index on the img itself.

Hey Lloyd,

Glad you figured out the issue! And thanks for sharing the solution! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: