Styling the bbPress forum plugin

Would you be willing to share how you created your support forum page the way it looks? Are you using any special plugins or custom css to kae that happen?

Hey Jason,

You can check these threads below as they contain information regarding the customizations done on the site and bbPress.

Is there something particular you wanted to know?

I am trying to replicate what you guys have. I love the simplicity and ease of use. Can I get it like yours from that thread?

Hey Jason,

To be honest I’ve never worked with bbPress myself before so I really can’t say how hard it would be achieve this kind of layout. The threads I provided don’t have the necessary CSS codes to achieve this, just ideas of how they were able to do so. I’m gonna assign one of the members of the team here as they might be able to assist you further. :slight_smile:


Hi Jason! Thanks for the compliments! We loosely followed this tutorial when we setup our bbPress support forum:

We made a few modifications to the bbPress template files. I think one of the big changes was moving the search bar up to the top of the page. Also, we styled the forum so that it fit with the Beaver Builder brand and the rest of the site.

You can certainly checkout and use our CSS. We may release the bbPress template files at some point too. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions or if there is any specific piece you want to recreate. Thanks!

You guys have 5 star support and service. How would I:

  1. Move the search bar to top?

  2. Find the CSS that you used to style it to fit the bb brand?

Thanks, Jason!

Here is an article on how to edit bbPress templates:

You’ll need to override the main templates in your theme/child theme, then find the markup for the search bar and move it to the top of the page.

For CSS, I would recommend using the Chrome inspector to inspect the CSS on our forum. That’s probably going to be the best bet. :slight_smile: