Styling the Beaver Builder Theme without a single word of code!

Hi everyone,

As promised, I have just posted the video on how to change the Beaver Builder header background and size, the size and color of the menu and a few other items. All without a single word of code!

Sorry it’s a bit late in the day, but it is still Sunday:)

I hope you find it useful.


P.S. The first person to leave a comment will get a free copy of CSS Hero

Thanks Colin. I have not heard of CSS Hero and I will go take a look.



Just getting to looking at this.
I have played with CSS Hero in the past in fact in the last week or so and did not get it do to the cost for the pro licence.

I am a disappointed i was expecting a video showing how to do all this for no extra charge.

For the cost of the BB theme it should include this in it all ready or ways to edit everything as you need.
I sat here with one of my customers telling him when the video was out i would be able to change his header area as he wanted but now it would cost me $79 to do it he has all ready paid me and i can nor ask for more to change the header.
I paid more for BB and the theme then other products i use and the BB theme offers no real customization compared to other product i use and paid less for.

If the BB had a way to set the blog page to not be full wide for the blog post full display then i could use any theme i make with any of the other tools i all ready own with out paying more but the BB dose not work right for using any theme as it is advertised to do…
They need to fix this or include CSS Hero with it for that price…
Make a add on or plugin that fixes this so the blog output page is not full wide this defeats using BB to style the blog listing page when the output page has no formatting with BB at all.

Hi Edward,

I’m sorry you feel the way you do. I am only a Beaver Builder user like you, but I like to share some of the things I find that I think will help make it easier for others to build great websites. Beaver Builder is only one part of that. It’s a page level builder (and the best one available), not a theme builder like Dynamik or Headway etc. Unfortunately, the bb theme does not have the none-code features you want at this stage.

CSS Hero happens to be a very useful plugin that helps people to customize their theme or insert images and change menu colors etc. without knowing any code. I spent a whole day mapping the bb theme css elements so it would be easy for other people like you, to customize the bb theme. Remember, I don’t work for Beaver Builder!

You have posted in these forums before, so you should already know that the Beaver Builder team really do go the extra mile to help their customers, but you can’t expect them to help you build your website. That’s what somebody has already paid you to do. If you want to know how to insert an image into the header or how to style the menu, there are already solutions posted in this forum:

Here is one for inserting an image into the header:

Anyway Edward, I apologize if my video was not what you were expecting. I personally think it is unfair to blame Beaver Builder for a function you want, not being built into their theme yet. I also think it’s wrong to expect them to include a premium plugin, just because you want the functionality that plugin provides at no cost.

This might not be what you want to hear, but I personally think you have three options:

  1. Spend a little time to learn css so you can modify things yourself.
  2. Buy a plugin like CSS Hero so you don’t have to spend the time to learn code.
  3. Pay someone else to make the modifications for you.

The first option, in my opinion will provide the best value. There are so many fantastic resources available for free these days, it won’t cost you a single dime to learn css. You just have to put in a little time.

Good luck!


Hi Edward,

I’m sorry you feel that way as well. As Colin mentioned, the Beaver Builder plugin focuses on the creation of page content, not theme design. That’s actually intentional as we’re doing our best to create a lean product that isn’t bloated with options. That’s also a big reason why it works with almost any theme on the market. It would be impossible for us to create design options for every theme out there. Instead, much of the aesthetic for your pages will be inherited from whichever theme you choose to use.

We are working on adding more design options to the theme that accompanies the plugin. It will never be as extensive as themes like Headway or Dynamik, which again is intentional, but you will have more control in an easy-to-use interface.

We’re always open to suggestions, so if there is something that’s not working the way you would like or something you would like to see added, you have two options to have your voice heard…

  1. Post in any of the forums on this site.

  2. Leave a suggestion on our feedback site.

Again, I’m sorry to hear you feel that way and hope that our next release will help you feel a little bit differently.


I agree with Colin.

And, if I want lots of customisation options, I would use Headway or Dynamik.

The Beaver Theme is excellent for sites requiring less customisation. I use it on these sites as it is light and well coded. And I want it to remain this way. Having said this, I am looking forward to the coming changes which, I understand, will provide some more flexibility in the header.



I am very happy with the BB i ordered that first and then moved up to the theme.

I have many other tools for making themes and have other paid themes and most do not work with BB for full wide sites,
I can make ultimatum work with BB as i can design any style of site i want just making a great menu with ultimatum is not easy.

Artisteer would be the best choice to design themes in for BB as you can make anything you want very fast much faster then using CSS Hero. I have done hundreds of sites with. And for BB use you would only need to design the top header and menu and footer and blog page layoyut and fonts for the most part and your done making any look and menu style you want.

But once you set it to full wide and to be able to use BB the blog page is then full wide to but you can design the blog page in BB but not the blog page output.

Can this one thing not be fixed a way to make the BB blog page that BB created also show the blog output page with the a style from BB to. This is the only missing link here to be able to use any theme then.

I will work on a way to do this using Artisteer their must be a way to add in a custom different size blog page WP will uses…

Colin i do appreciate you making the video i have watched others you have made to i was just not expecting it to be for a paid plugin to make this work.

Hi Edward,

Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

Can this one thing not be fixed a way to make the BB blog page that BB created also show the blog output page with the a style from BB to. This is the only missing link here to be able to use any theme then.

Can you send me a link to an example of this issue?

On thing that might help is that every page built with Beaver Builder has the classname .fl-builder on the body. You could use that to make the theme only full-width on those pages.


[Content Hidden]

Colin has done a great tutorial in using CSS Hero. Would the BB team consider configuring the BB theme so it works with CSS Hero out the box? :slight_smile:


This is actually in progress, but won’t be released until the new updates to the Beaver Builder theme are released next year:

My css selectors for CSS Hero will still work in the meantime.



Justin did you have time to tale a look? at what can be done.

Hi Edward,

My apologies for the delay. I will be looking at this today.


Hi Edward! Justin’s wrapped up in a project today, so I wanted to jump in and see if I could troubleshoot this issue for you.

If I understand right, the problem you’re having is that pages you’re building with Beaver Builder look good, but your blog posts (from the WP Editor) aren’t? Can you tell me more about the theme you’re using? I am not sure if I understand why the default theme styles aren’t applying to the blog posts? If it’s not a custom theme, there should be some default styling that is applied to post pages. If it is a custom theme, you’re going to need to write that CSS yourself. Beaver Builder won’t affect the blog posts unless you create those posts with Beaver Builder (which isn’t the best idea).