Sub menus (on mobile display) , onclick event refreshes page and closes sub menu

I manage 2 websites (the same) using Beaver Builder

Production (live to world) and Staging (for developers)

Recently we updated 1, Production to WordPress version: 5.7.2. Since the update it appears that the MOBILE submenu items…when clicked (’+’) refreshes the entire page as opposed to displaying the sub menu options. . (indicated by a + icon and accordion). Can see the option in html.

Production url: curiodysseyDOTorg

The 2, Dev version is running WP 5.5.5 and the mobile sub menus work just fine.

Menu screen cap, desired onclick state

Wondering if someone can help/point me in the right direction.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Open your browser … read the errors.
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’ on line 1651

view source and look for line 1651…

You have a copy/paste fail causing a fatal JS error.

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Thank you. I believe I cleared the error, but still experiencing issue. I know trying your patience, but I am not the greatest JScript debugger. Getting up to speed.

Same error, now the JS has changed though.

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you have to open and close script tags, you have two opens and one close.

Open the browser dev tools you’ll see the error, that’s what the tools are for.

Ok, this time it is fixed. What you illustrated is that I had made the prev recommended fix but that Cloudflare and WP-Rocket were caching the prev .js files. I had to manually broom the cache folder from server. Thanks.

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