Subscribe form.. email from user and not wordpress

Ive setup a subscribe form which works great except…

i would like the email which is sent to me, to be sent from the users email address (which they entered on the subscribe form) and not [email protected] …as I have a cpanel autoresponder setup which obviously is not sending to the user but instead [email protected] which doesn’t exist.

Thanks in advance!

You cannot change the From address, that has to be your domain because its your domain sending the email to you.

Example, my site is I setup a subscribe form and tell it to send from the user supplied address in the form, so lets say [email protected] subscribes, then my server tries to send an email from domain to my personal email, lets say I have a gmail account. Gmail will instantly reject that email because the domain domain has SPF records setup to only allow emails to be sent from the real domain and not your website at

Hope that helps to explain.

There is a filter in the plugin to add your own service to change the way emails are sent

HI, Thanks for your reply!

So what would you suggest? To setup a autoresponder to the subscribing user, thanks in advance!

Well what you could do is use one of the built in WP filters and then check for the subject and send a second email from there, might work.

MailPoet – Newsletters, Email Marketing, and Automation – WordPress plugin | might be able to do what you need and is supported by the subscribe module