Subscribe form hangs up


Like several other posts here, I’m having an issue on a site I work on where the Subscribe module just hangs at the “Please Wait” instance when someone attempts to subscribe to the site’s newsletter.

It was working fine for years and the only change that has been since we moved from MailChimp to SendInBlue. SendInBlue just changed their name to Brevo and that’s when the issue seemed to start (though hard to pinpoint exactly). We have not added any plugins, only removed old MailChimp ones.

The subscribe form is in the footer of the BB theme. I have tried deleting and recreating it a couple of times with no luck, but I noticed that if I created a blank page and put the subscribe form in the content it did work correctly.

Any ideas?

You should probably open a ticket. “Just hanging” normally means an error has happened revealed either in the browser dev console or in the php error logs.

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