Subscribe form hangs

I’m having an issue with the subscribe form hanging. When I try to test it by entering an email address and clicking the Subscribe button, the button changes to “Please Wait…” and then hangs indefinitely. I’m using Aweber for the list, and the email isn’t getting added to the list either.

This happens whether I enter a new email address or one that’s already on the list.

I also re-authorized the Aweber account to work with the Subscription module, and it shows up on Aweber as being authorized. That didn’t help.

I’m currently testing this on a staging server at – if you scroll down to the bottom of the home page, you’ll see the subscribe form there. Feel free to try if you’d like.

Any suggestions on how to get this subscribe form working?

Hi Steve,

When I use your subscribe form, I am getting a JS error. Is it possible for you to disable all active plugins except for BB and see if this resolves the issue.

If it doesn’t can you provide temp admin access, please? So we can take a closer look.


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Hey Steve,

Thinking it was a problem with the integration, I tried using the Subscribe Form module on our dev site using the Aweber autoresponder and it’s working fine. Can you try reinstalling the plugin? Can you try recreating the subscribe form on a blank page and see if you get the same thing?


I figured out something here. The form is only hanging on pages where it was inserted as part of a global saved row. On pages where it’s not part of a global, the form works fine, like on this page:

So why would it break when it’s inserted as part a global saved row?

Is this something you can test on a dev site to see if you can reproduce it? I don’t know if it’s a bug in BB or if it’s something I can fix on my end.

I use the subscribe form on many pages of the site, so it’s really helpful to be able to insert it as a global. That way if I change the text, it will update site-wide. I wouldn’t want to have to modify dozens of pages each time.

I got it working. I think there must have been something wrong with that particular subscribe form in the global saved row. I created a duplicate subscribe form within that same row, gave it identical settings, deleted the original form, and saved it. Now it seems to work just fine.

Hi Steve,

Awesome, happy to hear you have resolved the issue.

Out of curiosity, how did you create the original subscribe form? Did you do anything specific that we may be able recreate the issue on our end?


I created the original subscribe form months ago, so I don’t recall exactly how I created it back then.

Incidentally, my new Beaver Builder website is finally launched now:

I bought BB last year, so I’ve been working on this new design over the past several months. It replaces my old site at the same URL that was originally created in 2004 with WordPress 1.x and had all sorts of things patched onto it over the years.

This refactoring and redesign was a huge amount of work, and I definitely want to thank you and the BB guys for all the terrific help you’ve provided. I really appreciate it!

It’s so nice to have the new site finally up and running. :slight_smile: