Subscriptions works on some sites, not on others


I’m not sure why, but the Subscriptions module works sometimes.
(Like here)

And not other times. (Like here)

I’m on a multisite. Let me know if you want WP login and FTP access .

Thanks, Tom

Hi William,

You have a 403 error on the site, this usually indicates a permissions issue. You will want to contact your web host provider and ask them to investigate.


Hi Danny,

Sorry, a security plugin messed up my htaccess file…

Try it now:
There’s two forms, one to SendinBlue, one to my email.
When you click ‘Subscribe’ nothing happens.

Hey William,

The 403 forbidden error is still there. Chances are, we don’t have read access to the directory. I’ll post in a separate private reply a screenshot for reference. :slight_smile:


[Content Hidden]

Hi Ben,

Sorry, I’m not sure what’s going on…

You can’t view the page ??
I can view the page on both my work and home computers.



The form is actually working now. Never mind…


Hey Tom,

I was able to view the page, that error is from the developer tools console. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it’s all working now. I did revisit your page and the error is no longer there. It must have been some kind of weird hosting problem. Anyway, enjoy BB! :slight_smile: