Support for WebP images with fallback

I’ve looked and looked but haven’t found anything in BB that allows me to display WebP images with a fallback for the few browsers/OSs that may not support it. It would be nice if that was an option in the Photo and Gallery modules.

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+1 on this. Including in hero backgrounds.

When WP support webp we will look into it.

WordPress now supports Webp can we have a fix so that hero backgrounds can be webp too?

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Its slated to be in version 6, they have not even merged the branch yet

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Also, you can already select webp for row backgrounds, what were you referring to with “hero”?

Hi There, I believe Webp support was added: WordPress 5.8 adds WebP support – Make WordPress Core in 2021. Any update? Thank you!

You can already upload and select webp images in all modules and backgrounds etc.

There is no need for any fallback image as webp is supported in all browsers now.