Switching back to standard Post Editor from Page Builder

I am using BB to create a site for my client. They’re not too savvy, and somehow switched to Page Builder when they didn’t mean to. I tried but couldn’t seem to switch back to the standard Post Editor for that page and ended up having to delete the page and recreating it from scratch.

Is there a simple way to convert a Page Builder page back to a standard page? If not, can we please add this feature in?

Otherwise, does this reveal a bug somewhere? Here was the steps that led to the error:

  1. Client was editing page with the standard Post Editor. She clicked on the Page Builder tab (under the post title) and launched the Page Builder. Trying to escape the Page Builder, she clicked Done and may or may not have clicked Publish.

  2. She then went back to the Edit Post screen, clicked on the Text Editor tab and continued writing her post in the standard Post Editor. When she clicked update, the page wasn’t what she expected so she called me.

  3. By the time I looked into this, the page was published as a Page Builder page with a single Text Editor component. I tried to Edit Page, then switch back to the post editor and then clicked Update. WordPress reported that the page was updated but the active tab is still Page Builder with the message “Page Builder is currently active for this page”

Congrats on your glowing review by Chris Lema btw :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the kind words and for using our products! To start, apologies for the inconvenience!

Re. switching back and forth between the Page Builder and Text Editor, you can do that a few ways. Firstly, if in the WordPress backend editor of a page, just make any necessary changes and click update. If by chance you accidentally click the Page Builder tab, it will insert the content into a single text editor. While on the frontend in the page builder mode, simply click the ‘Edit Page’ link in the admin bar and that will immediately switch back to text editor mode. You can then click update after any changes are made and the page will remain in text editor mode until the page builder tab or link are pressed. So essentially, you can switch back and forth in the WordPress backend as well as frontend on any given page.

I am wondering if the issues you/the client were experiencing were related to caching? Do you have a caching plugin installed in the site in question?

Let me know on the above and if you have any further questions. Thanks again!


Hey David,

I did some more testing and it does look like there is a bug. I’ll get a fix out for that this week.


Hey David,

This has been fixed (the issue was caused by our recent update). We’ll most likely have a maintenance update out in the next day or two.


Thanks guys! That was quick!