Syncing staging to live site loses layout

I’m new to BB - having an issue with syncing a site. I asked in the FB group and got some good suggestions to try, but I have not been successful with getting the site to sync without losing BB formatting. I submitted a ticket for support, but it has been 2 days and I haven’t had a response - so I am trying here:

I’ve created a website with BB pro and themer child theme on GoDaddy’s staging site, and I pushed it to production and the content was missing when opened on the production site.
live site is here:
staging site is here:

I called GD and they said to disable plugins and try again.

I disabled the BB plugin and it now pushed everything however all of the formatting is gone and instead it opens in one very long text block when I try to edit it. And the hero image is gone from the top, but all of the other images are there.

Is this a problem others have had?