Tab plugins

Is there a tab plugin that will allow me to add multiple content in it? Basically i’m looking to have 3 tabs on 1 page with multiple content inside that tab, instead of just text like the one that comes with BB.

Hi Esther,

We do have plans of adding this type of functionality to our Tabs module, but no timetable on that quite yet. While we don’t really use other Tabs modules, you could do a search in our forums as I believe I remember another user mentioning use of another Tabs module to accomplish a bit more of a complex setup than ours offers. Hope that helps!


Well i tried searching for that forum, no luck

Hi Esther,

What type of ‘multiple content’ exactly? Could you elaborate on what you want within each tab?

As they are now, you can add photos, videos, audio players, etc. to the content of a tab and not just text. :slight_smile:

Additionally, if you want to add an existing page that is build with BB, you can use a plugin such as to add that BB-built page to a tab with just the shortcode. And if you update the source BB page, the tab will be automatically updated too.

Note that the same goes for Accordions too :slight_smile:


Hi Lyle,

I’ve been working on a similar challenge. We need to display a beaver builder page within another beaver builder page (sort of like a parent displaying sub-pages). Using the plugin you suggested, pagepost-content-shortcode, I am able to add the shortcode to a text box on the parent bb page, but when it’s displayed, the sub-page is just raw content, without the beaver builder page styling (i.e. two columns, photo on the left, text on the right). Is there a way to have beaver builder active for embedded pages? I’m fine in creating my own shortcode plugin if necessary, I’m just not sure what to do to make it use beaver builder.


Hi Tim,

Looks as though I was a bit hasty in my recommendation :slight_smile:

You are correct in that the page inserted with the shortcode looses the BB formatting. The test I did with it used a very basic BB page that didn’t readily show the format.

Seems to me that BB was working on adding this feature or at least it was on the “wish list”.


Hi Lyle,

I would support the request for a feature enhancement. What I would expect is once you defined your tabs, you add the content to each tab like any BB content, e.g. rows, colums, and BB modules.

Got it! It works great with the new shortcode [fl_builder_insert_layout slug=“my-post-slug”]

I created a page for each tab with PageBuilder. I used a page template without header/footer, but I am not sure that is even needed.

I am about to release a new plugin within the next couple of weeks that will handle exactly what you are looking for. It is called Tabbed Content, which allows you to build a tab menu in which each tab can link to any BB element on the page. So another words the content of each tab can be anything on the page and more then one element can be the content of one tab. This allows you to build the page with BB as normal and set rows, columns, modules…anything as content to a tab that you create. There is also an option to turn on and off deep linking that works with more then one tab menu on the same page! So you can link to a page with multiple tabs menus and have any tab open within each tab menu.
Again, it should be released soon, but you can follow me and I will let you know as soon as it is.

David Labbe

Hi David,
that sounds great, I am looking forward to it. Also the deep link to the tab content is a great feature. Can you also have a button in one tab linking to another?

Meanwhile I have continued with my experiment using the fl_builder_insert_layout slug shortcode to separate pages. I have found two issues with the beta testing this:

  1. A button that shows normal on the page, loses its color when displayed in a tab. The color comes back during hovering.
  2. A gallery does not show at all in a tab. When I resize the tab page it appears again.

Enjoy the celebration today!

Hi Pieter,

Can you clarify what you mean about

Can you also have a button in one tab linking to another?

Do you mean a tab in one menu open another tab in a separate tab menu?

As far as the fl_builder_insert_layout shortocde, I have not done much testing with it at this time so I can’t be much help.

About the shortcode beta bugs, I assume the Beaverbuilder beta team will pick that up, sorry for being unclear in that.

About the deeplink from one tab to another:
If the slug of my page is “mytab” and the name of the tab is “tab3”, I assume that the deeplink works so that with a link to “http://mysite/mytab#tab3” the user will open the mytab page, and open tab3.

So if I can place a link or button on tab1 that has this link, the user could click that button and open tab3.

Yes, that would work just like as if you were linking in from another source using that link. The only issue with using a link such as “http://mysite/mytab#tab3” within another tabs content is that there will be a page refresh.

I designed the plugin to handle multiple tab menus on a single page and therefore the challenge was to make it work with deep linking. This url “http://mysite/mytab#tab3” would only handle one tab menu so with my plugin the urls are more like this “http://mysite/?tab=(tabname)&tab-2=(tabname)”. With this the page would load and open 2 separate tab menus based on the tab names within the param.