Tabbed interface with Widgets?

We are building a site with BB and would like to set up a tabbed interface. We see the tab widget, but what we would like to have is the ability to add widgets under each tab. For example…

Tab1 - Contains a text widget and an image widget
Tab2 - Contains a custom Facebook widget
Tab3 - Contains a categories widget and a search widget, etc.

Pretty certain we are going to have to build this ourselves… has anyone tried this or do you have suggestions for making this as simple as possible?

Hey Gretchen,

One way I can think of to achieve this is by using a Widget Shortcode. There are a few plugins that offer that functionality, you can check Widget Shortcode as well as amr shortcode any widget. You could also try using a function by following the instructions here.

Hope this helps!


Widget shortcode might work… but then they lose the capability to edit anything on the front end.

I will check out the functions. Thanks.