I would like to display some text in a table format on a page. Is there plugin that can do this or is there a way for me to create a table in the text area?


If you install the TinyMCE Advanced editor you’ll get a Table option and a lot more. It’s one of the best editors out there. It’s also available for free from the WordPress Repository:

Once you’ve installed it, go to Settings in your sidebar, then TinyMCE Advanced to configure which tools you want in the toolbar. When you open the actual editor, there’s a funny looking icon that looks a bit like a hamburger. if you click on this, it will expand the toolbar.

Hope that helps:)

Thanks Colin!

Thanks for the tip, Colin!

We plan on adding a table module at some point in the future but don’t have an ETA on that. For now, Colin’s suggestion should work out great.