Tablet & Mobile view when editing

Hi guys!

Thanks for continously improving this plugin!

I noticed after the latest update (I think) that when setting columns etc to be viewed not on “Always” but “Medium (and or) Smaller devices” that all frames are no longer visable when entering page edit mode.

First, good - because its confuses whats what if you have 3 different layouts depending on screen resolution (not auto scaling)

But, now you need to scale down editing browser to Tablet or Mobile device to get to the active layout for those sizes. Would it not be possible to att “preview” for all three within the same “max” sized window as when you perform your normal editing?


Hey Pontus,

What version of the plugin are you on? We did have some issues with those before but we fixed it recently. The latest version of the plugin is 1.7.5. Can you check if you’re up to date? :slight_smile: