Template and Row Shortcodes are not working Recent update Beaver builder 2.8.3 - 06/27/2024

It the recent beaver builder update 26 june 2024, the saved templates and row shortcodes are not working.

Are you using Yoast?

yes we are using yoast

Add to child theme

add_action( 'fl_builder_insert_layout_render', function() {
  remove_filter( 'fl_builder_insert_layout_render', 'FLBuilderCompatibility::fix_yoast_social_shortcode' );
}, 9 );

No it is not working, we also tried with deactivate yoast

Some of our sites don’t have Yoast but still facing same issue

Ok well we would have to take a look. Have you opened a ticket?


Actully I’m developer and I dont have access for the login details

Actually we have faced same issue on all of our sites, if we update the Beaver Builder Plugin (Agency Version) all shortocde are blank.
if you take a look it will help me, thanks

we are facing issue since 27 june update.

You will need to open a ticket so we can look at a site with the issue. Weve had a few reports like this but they all use Yoast. So might be a new issue. Just go to the site, click contact link in footer and select general enquiry, include the url and a login, preferably a staging site then we can look into it.

if you remove the code i gave you and update to todays hotfix it should fix the issue

yes thank you… :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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