Template Importer - where is imported media stored?

I used your modified wp importer. It imported the template and it looks the same - no problem there - however although the images are showing, they have not been imported into the media library. SO I’m guessing they are still referencing the original media.

Doesn’t the import template also import associated media? If so, where are these stored?

If not, what happens if the reference media is deleted (i.e. say if it was a staging site it was imported from that was eventually deleted).


Hi Dennis,

How did you add your images to your template? If it was via a module what module are you referring to?


Hi Danny,

It’s a photo module and a background row.

This page template was created from site 1 and imported into site 2.
I re-created site 2 on a new server (2a) and imported templates from 2 to 2a.

Here is the thread with my import/export issues:


I have now exported template from 2a and imported into site 3.

Both 2a and 3 do not have any images assigned in photo module and row background, although they are visible.

Site 2 has been deleted so I cannot check.

Hey Dennis,

If you just export/import the templates/pages/posts, it won’t include the images along with it. You’ll have to export/import the media library separately as well. Sorry to say but that’s how the native exporter/importer works.


OK thanks for the info.

No worries at all, Dennis. Have fun!