Template -> override Core Templates shows me my custom templates.

When I override the Core templates, the plugin will still show my own templates in custom templates (as in image). Besides that it even shows that section first, instead of the core template section.


I want to override the core templates with my own templates which I will provide to my users and then give them the ability to save their own custom templates as well, but seperated ofcourse.

Hey Mike,

Can you share temp admin access to your site so we can take a look? You can post the details here using the private reply option below. :slight_smile:


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Hey Mike,

The only way this could have happened is if you saved each core template as a custom template. Feel free to delete those templates if you don’t need want them. :slight_smile:


Hi Ben,

But I do want them, but only visible for the client under the ‘Home Page’ section. The ‘custom templates’ should be emtpy for the client to use themselves.

Is this possible?

Hi Mike,

So you want to keep the BB default Home and Content templates and add your own template to these categories. Then allow your clients to save their own custom templates, but these templates are in the Custom Templates category. Is this correct?