Template override for multisite question:

Hi all, love the progress so far. You’re doing great work.

However, It’s a bit confusing with creating your own set of templates using multisite.

Here’s what I want to accomplish, tell me if it’s possible:

We want to create a subsite on the network like templates.mysite.com

we want to use this site to override core templates

We want our templates to have categories and thumbnails just like yours do.

Right now, it seems you can have categories and thumbnails using the template admin or you can have a subsite override core templates but you can’t seem to have categories and thumbnails when using a subsite’s templates. Am I missing something?

Hey Thomas,

Which version of BB do you have? If you have the Pro version, you do have the ability to use the template admin and create templates, but the ability to override the core templates and do a custom thumb is only available as part of the Agency version. Let me know and we can go from there!


I have agency.

And btw, this is my set up:

Network admin>page builder> templates
“All templates” are enabled
“Enable templates admin” is checked
“override core templates” has a valid subsite on the network’s id in place.

Under the subsite that is used for override, I have a page that’s custom built by the builder and saved as a template.

When I go to another subsite on the network and create a page and start the builder, I see the one template from the template site that I saved (with no thumbnail and category of course).

When I go to the master admin site for the network (not network admin) and go to templates> all templates> I don’t see anything there. I assumed my template would have shown, but it doesn’t.

Hey Thomas,

I admit I still need to do some internal workflow testing on an Agency install in this regard, but I believe you need to have override core templates selected in the network admin. Can I have you give that a shot. If easier, feel free to shoot me temp admin access so I can do some testing on my own.


I tried every possible setting combo and none of them work.

Listing creds in next post

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Hey Thomas,

The credentials aren’t working for me. Can you please check and resend?


Try again. Forgot to update the pwd.

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Thank you for the privacy consideration.

Ok, it makes sense. I am using a multinetwork, multisite install and in my brilliance, forgot that I need to create the template site on the subnetwork if I want it to SHOW on the subnetwork.

I’m an idiot. Thank you. All working now!

No worries at all, Michael, glad we got it figured out! :slight_smile: