Templates and Their Correct use

Hi Guys
I have some common customized pages which I would love to save as templates which I could use use on other sites. Is there anywhere I can go to look at the correct way to export and import custom templates. I’ve looked at the support forms and can see lots of info on creating and the issues of moving a template from one site to another (I might be wrong but it seems like a complex process and I see posts re no images present and having to export images separately etc etc?).

Are there any good to go to BB places, tutorials or articles online which might help what can be done and the best protocol ?

Thank you

Regards Chris

Hey Chris,

We try to follow the WordPress way as much as possible. All of the templates created from our plugin are Custom Post Types. They’re the same thing as the regular Posts that you have, they just have a different name and attribute.

Exporting a BB Template would be the same as exporting your regular Posts. You can use the native WP exporter. But, again, like exporting regular Posts, it doesn’t export the images along with it. So you’ll have to export the media gallery as well.

Unfortunately, the native WP importer has issues handling serialized data, which is how BB data is stored. You can use the patched importer below instead.

We’ve a KB article regarding the same which you can check on the link below. Feel free to snoop around that part of our site for more how-to’s.

Hope this helps and let us know if we can assist further!


Hi Ben
Thank you, I will have a look at links and videos and have a sleuth around…is there an FBI backdoor way in ?

Regards Chris