Templates Appearing in Google Search Results

I like the fact I can share templates between my sites but I didn’t realise they would turn up in Google search results. I presume that’s because they are a custom post type.

I discovered this tonight because I googled a member of staff at one establishment and got a result which showed them somewhere else as well.

I presume his came about because I had copied the staff template over to the the other site and hadn’t used it yet. It still appeared in the SERPS as URL/fl-builder-template/team/

I’ve now marked templates as no-follow in WordPress SEO but - heads up - others might not realise this can happen.

On the other hand, have I done something wrong here? Please advise.

Hey Neil,

We made a pretty recent change so that wouldn’t happen. Are you or I suppose your client on the latest version by chance? :slight_smile:


Ah that’s good to know Billy thanks.
The site with the rogue template in the SERPS is still on 1.6.2. The other one is on

I shall update the first site then try and get Google to lose that result asap.


Awesome, Neil, let us know if need anything else!