Text Editor inserting tags

Text Editor is modifying the content… and adding <p> tags

Genesis theme, Using Essence page layout - adding shortcode for tabbed content, the content I add is copied all as one line, no gaps etc – Beaver Builder editor reformats it - and adds a bunch of <p> tags to everywhere there is a shortcode tag

this doesn’t happen on WP post editor, and testing without shortcode no tags added, I even installed PS Disable Auto Formatting and it is still doing it

not sure where to kill this before I break my hardware by throwing it out the window -

this makes BB unusable…

probably a conflict with the use of the [tab shortcode

not sure how I can deal with this - using Elegant Themes shortcodes, going to check to see if can add function to edit their code, unless you have idea how to make BB more compatible

Hey Wasana,

Welcome to the BB forums! Sorry to hear you’re having this kind of problem. Our Text Editor module is actually based off the WP text editor minus the enhancements from plugins. Have you tried using our HTML module?


Ahh… Thanks, that solved this issue. I was just using the template, but HTML module works fine

That’s awesome! Have fun with The Beaver! :slight_smile:


The forum is awesome!

This post solved my issue: adding a shortcode via the texteditor also added an empty paragraph. Adding a shortcode via the HTML module doesn’t do that.

Maybe it’s a suggestion to put somewhere in the documentation that the HTML module is the best idea to add a shortcode.


Hey Jan,

That’s good to know! And thanks for the feedback. I’ll get the guys in on this thread and see what they can do about it. :slight_smile: