Text Editor Only Showing Code

Hi! I’m super new to Beaver Builder (I usually use Elementor). I also know that there is a similar issue to mine that was posted in August 2015; however, a lot of the content is hidden, so I can’t follow along with the instructions.

I’m currently using the Archi Template that has the Beaver Builder Lite Version.

When I open up the text editor on any page, this is what I’m seeing:

Is it normal to only have the code load like this? I’ve been searching for the past 2 hours on this issue, and I haven’t been able to find anything. From all of the YouTube tutorials I have seen, BB has been a lot more user-friendly than this, so I’m wondering why mine is showing up this way.

In short, I need a lot of help on editing a pre-existing theme page.


These are shortcodes probably generated by Visual Composer page builder given the vc_ prefix.
Are you trying to edit with BB a page made with Visual Composer?

I believe these pages were made with WPBakery Page Builder; however, even that isn’t loading properly when I select “Edit With WPBakery Page Builder.”

If you had a page and it is previously built with another page builder it very likely will have a number of shortcodes in the page content (as that’s how many page builders work.) Beaver Builder is a bit different in that it doesn’t use shortcodes.

So what happens when you take a page that is built with shortcodes and enable Beaver Builder? BB takes the post content (with all those shortcodes) and places that content into a Text module - shortcodes and all. Everything that was in the Post content is contained within the single BB Text module. There isn’t any ‘conversion’ done to the shortcodes to convert Page Builder XX shortcodes into BB modules.