Text module not working 2


So I saw this post here : http://forum.wpbeaverbuilder.com/support/q/text-module-not-working/page/2/

and I have EXACTLY the same problem (except I don’t use the plugin mentioned…).

Any idea where it comes from ? This text module is really waaaaayyyyyy too fragile imho as if 2 people breaks it in a few days it’s not really usable…

I’ll try to check what plugin is causing the issue but it should be fixed on the BeaverBuilder side ideally.


OK found it. In my case the culprit was the plugin “Easy Backstretch”.

I would still recommend this to be investigated as this text module is fragile like hell…


Hey Benjamin,

Thanks and glad you found the culprit. This really isn’t a case of the text editor being fragile. There are so many 3rd party plugins out in the wild, it’s impossible to test against all of them. I’ve looked at the plugin you mentioned and it looks like it is only compatible up to version 3.9.2 and it doesn’t appear to be supported any longer from what I can tell. The problem with plugins such as this (not to bash them in any way) is that when they become dated and unsupported they tend to cause all kinds of compatibility issues throwing JS errors which conflict with allowing BB to run as it should.