Text Module not working


The text module is not working for me (it was a couple of days ago).

When I open the text module - it shows the text tab and doesn’t show content in Visual tab (clicking on tab doesn’t work).

I cannot save or cancel. The only way is to refresh the complete page. I’ve tested this in Firefox and Chrome.

The same thing happens when adding a new text module.

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I also deactivated all plugins and tested.

Hey Dennis,

Yep, confirmed there is something going on in your site there and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’ll have to have Justin take a look at this. Can you also send along FTP access as well?


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Hey Dennis. Sorry you’re having trouble. I have a feeling this is a conflict with another plugin; particularly a Javascript conflict.

I see that you deactivated all plugins and that didn’t solve this issue. Is it possible that your server is serving up cached/concatenated versions of the Javascript and possible still including the JS that’s causing the issue. Can you try disabling all of your plugins again and clearing your server cache too?

I created a BB test page earlier today and recreated the about page that you’re having trouble with. The text editor loaded fine after creating that page, but now it’s having the same issue. I have a feeling it’s being cached on the server end and that’s why we’re not able to pinpoint the plugin conflict. Let me know.

Hi Robby,

Thanks for checking it out.

I’ve found the problem - it’s the kissmetrics plugin I downloaded from their site.

I had to clear Nginx/Memcached/Apache on server first to find the problem. Then activate plugins one by one.

Here’s the link for the plugin so you can explore what might be casing the conflict.

Be good to hear your feedback on this once you and the team have had a look.


Oh good! Glad we figured out the issue. We’ll definitely take a closer look at the plugin and see if there’s something we can do to prevent the conflict. Thanks for being proactive and helping us figure it out!

I will follow up if we find anything.

Hey Dennis, sorry for the delayed response. I had a bit of time to toy around with the KissMetrics plugin today, and I wasn’t able to recreate the error.

In our last update, we did some behind the scene work to help prevent javascript errors from breaking the builder. It’s possible that this fixed the issue. Are you still using the KissMetrics plugin, and are you still having the same issue? If yes, can you please try creating a new/fresh page and just adding one text module to the page, then checking if you’re having the same issue? I am wondering if maybe the conflict stems from a particular module interfering with the KM plugin (other than the text module). Let me know… Thanks!

Hi Robbie,

I re-activated the plugin but I’m still having the same problem.

What I’ll do is duplicate my whole site, then de-activate all plugins and only have the KM plugin active. If this works I’ll activate one by one. Will get back to you with an update.


I’ve finally found out what is causing the problem.

It is a plugin called formcraft. Yet it only seems to affect the text module.

Why do you think it’s only affecting this module (I didn’t check all modules, but of the ones I did, this was the only one that caused the problem)

So either plugin by them self works fine. But together there is the problem.

That’s a good question! :slight_smile:

Can you shoot me a copy of the plugin via email so I can test?

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Hi Dennis! Still beating my head against the wall with this one. I installed FormCraft and created a page with a FormCraft form and a text module. Everything seemed to be working smoothly :frowning:

I am afraid there is still some variable here that isn’t being accounted for. Can you think of any more clues for me?

Hi Robby,
Thanks for checking it out. I’ll go through the plugins I’m using again, but start by having both of these active to start then test one by one… Will give you an update once I’ve done this.

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Hey Dennis,

Okay! I made a bit of a breakthrough here. Thanks for setting up the test site. That made it much easier to toy around with and experiment.

So, there is a Javascript error on the page when both the KissMetrics and FormCraft plugin are used. If either of them are activated individually, the error isn’t thrown. It’s the Javascript error that is preventing Beaver Builder from functioning properly, but it’s not our code that’s causing the issue.

That said, there are a few steps. Honestly, I am not 100% sure where the JS error is coming from, but it’s not something I can really spend much time looking into. We could reach out to KM and FC and let them know about the conflict and hope they release a fix. Or, you might want to look into replacements for one of those plugins. Lastly, this isn’t an ideal solution, but you could always disable one of those plugins when you need to make changes with BB.

Hi Robby,

Thanks so much for checking this out. I’ll send an email to the FC developer and see what he says. As you suggest, I can always disable one as a work around for the time being.