Text overlaying


I am trying to build a design template with the help of BeaverBuilder.
But I could not figure out how to place a text over two containers.

I have a row with two columns. In one column I set the image as background image. In the other one the color as background. Now I want to put the text in the middle over both columns.

Unfortunately I can’t move a new row there.

Is there a way to do this ?
So that I have on the left the color as background and on the right the image as background image and a text that goes over both columns ?

In the image below is the design template.
With the link you get to the picture where I show how my attempt looks like: https://ibb.co/PF2ybfs

Thank you very much for your help, I am looking forward to your answers

With kind regards


The most simple, prepare the image in a graphic software splitted in two equal areas, with the brown background at left and set it as the row background in BB.

Otherwise, you’ll have to play with CSS to make the text block overlaying the 2 columns, more difficult: absolute positionning…