The BB "add to cart" button only works for a single product!

I want to build my product pages with BB using the woocommerce options. However, when I add the “add to cart” layout option, I only get the price & add to cart button!
Fine for a single product.
But I have products with variations - therefore there needs to be the price, add to cart menu, AND the VARIATIONS DROP DOWN MENU.
I have tried all the BB woocommerce layout options and there are none that cater to products with variations.
How can I make BB work for my product pages?

Thanks in advance

Hi Garry,

Did you get this resolved?

Happens to me as well. I get an error each time someone tries to order a variable product :frowning:

“Please choose product options…”

I think this is the culprit, “add-to-cart-variation.js” not being called but I am no programmer and have no clue how to resolve.

Anyone know?

Please help.


Hi Garry & Daniel.

So I understand you correctly, when you say “Add to Cart” layout what are you referring to? The WooCommerce module option Add to Cart Button layout option?


Hi Danny,

The Add to Cart on the page here:

However I had a SWIFTYBAR plugin that was turned on for Product pages. Someone helped via the WP Elevation site and found the error.

Thanks for checking it though. All resolved and all happy. Whilst my dev is on leave; it’s this community, BB and WPE makes me never ever regret from jumping ship from .NET land to Wordpress.

Thank you!

Hi Danny, (and Daniel)
sorry for the delay in getting back to your question. It looks like Daniel had the same problem? But I dont understand how he fixed it!

At the link below,

you can see that you are able to “choose a color” first. Once the color is chosen, then the “add to cart button” appears.

In BB, when I choose the “add to cart layout” - which is the only BB woocommerce option that I can see available for that woocommerce action, it only provides me with an “add to cart button”
No variations!! Which BB option should I chose to get the variation options to show, as with the link above?
PS. I would add a screen shot of what I am seeing to help you but it looks like there is no option for that on this forum

Hey Daniel,

Happy to hear your issue got resolved. And thanks for taking the time to inform us! However, I think your issue isn’t really related to Garry’s. I believe you’re simply using the native WC single product pages while Garry is trying to create his own using BB. :slight_smile:


We’re not really doing anything special to the WooCommerce modules, they simply render the shortcode the WooCommerce offers. The Add To Cart layout simply renders the [add_to_cart] shortcode.

I did try playing around with it on my local dev, added variations to my product, and when I added the Add to Cart button, it gave me the product’s price and a button for Select Options. When I click on the Select Options, it takes me to the single products page. Although this may not be the solution you’re looking for, this is how their shortcode works.

If you really want to be able to show the variations dropdown menu outside of the single product page, and make it work like how their single products page does, I’d suggest getting in touch with WooCommerce. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.


Hey Ben and Garry,

Mine got resolved as it was a JS conflict with another plugin called Swifty Bar. Turned that off and all is fine.

Can make a selection and add to cart no problems.

We are using the BB Child theme for the store. It now works fine. Happy to troubleshoot with you to resolve but I am not a coder by any stretch and is the reason I dumped buying themes and went with BB on the recommendation of Troy Dean and the WPE commnuity.


If it helps I am happy to provide you Admin Access to my site if it helps to resolve Garry’s issue?