The rebrand from Banner Penguin to Penguin Media now all in BB

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to show off our own website :slight_smile:
Got our bounce rate from 80% down to 40% and increased conversions to 20%. Thats only the first 2-3 weeks too.

Always up for any tips/recommendations on improvements!

UK Web Design

Thanks Guys, BB is awesome!

Adam, wow! That’s a really big difference. Nice work.

If you’re using BB for client work, you could consider our recommended builders program:

There’s a link to sign up at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for sharing. Would love to know more about how you increased the conversions!!

Hi Robby,

Thanks. I’ll sign up to that. Could always do with more work and I’m cheap too :wink:

For increasing conversions it’s all about holding the clients hand through everything you want them to read. This goes hand in hand with reducing bounce rate. If you guide them where you want them to go through the site and on every page have the opportunity to close the visitor into a lead, in our case a request a quote button, it works very well.

I did want to apply for the theme designer job for BB but missed out :frowning: