The right settings - Beaver Builder Theme

Hi, I’m a total rookie and having trouble setting the right parameters for the beaver builder theme. I plan on using this design for a few sites.

  1. Would like social icons plus shopping cart icon on top nav - Transparent, fixed on scroll
  2. Would like logo main menu and search right below that - Transparent, fixed on scroll
  3. Can’t seem to get a home page image/SLIDER with call to action to work and have the menus transparent.
  4. Other pages would have the the top and main nav bars transparent, but no home page image

Pretty simple design but I can’t figure it out. Wondering if I should just use a page builder and not a theme at all. Contemplating the 30-day money back guarantee and moving to a WIX or Weebly and a more expensive solution.


Hi Brian,

  1. There is no shopping cart icon when using the “Icons” option for the top nav. Therefore, you’re going to need to use the “Text” option and use Font Awesome instead.


For example, to display a shopping cart via Font Awesome, the code would like this:

<i class="fa fa-shopping-cart "></i>

You can find more icons and examples of this code on the Font Awesome website -

The transparent top bar can be achieved by using the opacity option via the WordPress Customizer > Header > Top Bar Style > Background Opacity.

  1. Like above, the main header can be set to transparent by navigating to WordPress Customizer > Header > Header Style > Background Opacity.

  2. Which slider are you using? As I don’t see any slider on the page?

  3. When you set the top bar and header opacity to 0 for full transparency. This will be globally set across your site.


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Hi Brian,

Beaver Builder includes a number of sliders these are Content Slider, Slideshow or you can even set a Row to be a slideshow. If you use the Row option, you can then add a Call to Action module to that Row.

I would give that a try and see what you think. If it isn’t to your liking, you may want to use a more advanced slider such as Slider Revolution.